NHIF Medical Scheme

Members of Civil service, TSC secretariat and disciplined forces are urged to visit their website www.nhif.or.ke, the nearest NHIF office or nearest ministry of public service office to find out which hospital they are assigned to.

they have an option to change your assigned hospital in the next two weeks by submitting a change of medical facility form, available on our website

For more informaton:
call: 020 272 3255/6, 279 3000
email: customercare@nhif.or.ke
website: www.nhif.or.ke


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8 Responses to NHIF Medical Scheme

  1. simon kishanto kudate says:

    How do i log in and fint my details. i’m a civil servant.

  2. may i know my assigned nhif out patient hospital

  3. i want to know my assigned hospital over the net.

  4. james says:

    did u guys delete the medical scheme list because i can not find it please help

  5. Edwin Okoth says:

    Is the deadline of changing info really 2day? if so how do i get the information of the hospital assigned to me so that i may change online.

  6. Erick ochieng' amolo says:

    am administration police officer,i wish to know which hospital i was allocated

  7. mang'eng'e says:

    For outpatient we should be allowed many choices such that when iam in nairobi or any where in the country i can get 24hrs treatement .The inpatient rates note that they are skewed to favour the highly paid.the lowly paid are paying more with respect to their earning and this is wher the problem is.either it should be contribute as you earn or a uniform %ge,look at the rates seriously

    (i)ksh.4000=150=3.75% of earnigs
    (iii)ksh 8000=400=5%
    (v)ksh.15000 =600=4%
    (ix) ksh.50,000=1500=3.0%
    (x) ksh.100,000=2000=2%
    (xi) ksh.200,000=2000=1%

    I and many other are suggesting a rate of 0.1% across the board and now we will pay equaly

    Member number1272890

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